Teaching guitar by ignoring our children

Have you ever noticed that the best 'lessons' you ever had at school were probably the ones that were not officially on the curriculum? There's something about the 'secret' knowledge that a passionate teacher would give out that is very appealing. The 'curriculum lessons' are almost by definition 'boring'. 

We hope that is not the case with our 'normal lessons'. However, we've been very sneaky with our guitar lessons.

Our master guitar player Master Tomasi, simply started playing the guitar, more to himself, but also accompanying some of the school assembly songs. One of our boys was keen to also bring his guitar to play along with Master Tomasi, but the latter made no big deal of setting up formal lessons. It was much more like an apprentice session.

Soon other children brought their own guitars to school and impromptu lessons would take place in the break period, in the lunch periods and basically 'outside' the normal lesson time. Master Tomasi would keep it really brief, 10 minutes at most, and suggest practice drills. There are currently about 8-10 guitar players within MIC, who snatch any moment they can to whip out their guitar and play it during school hours. So far we're rather pleased at how well our children are learning to play, even though we're making the best effort to ignore them.

Learing the guitar at MIC

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