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Where are we?

MIS on Rewa St

Lot 2, 43 Rewa St. Suva. This is about 800m away from town leaving the roundabout at Flagstaff. This is the location that is the top of the Laucala Beach Road (the latter leads down to USP). There is a distinct building that you will see which is a Basilika, or an octagonal church. This is the ‘Rotuman’ church that is just outside of Suva’s CBD. The school is fourth building from this church. Right next door to our school is the Rewa Street Medical centre.

Admin & Enrolling your Child

Since the classroom numbers are limited, we have to control the admissions of the children via enrollment. Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis for new pupils. Payment of the administration fee before the end of November secures the child's place at MIS for the following academic year. Existing pupils of MIS are automatically entered in the enrollment for each year but the child's place is still only secured by payment of the administration fee by the end of November. From December onwards available spaces are securred on a first 'pay' first serve basis. 

Enrolling your child requires you to fill out our enrollment form which can download and sent it in electronically. Download our form from here. Please send it to our office. Alternatively come and visit us and fill out a form at the office.


There are three fees to pay at MIS. The first child deposit only happens once. The other two happen annually. The recurrent annual fee for every child (Class 1-8) is  $4,700 and $5,420 for secondary grades (Class 9-12). 

  1. Child Deposit: $1000. This is paid only once when your child first enters MIS & is refunded at the beginning of the following academic year that your child leaves MIS.
  2. Administration fee: $660. Paid every November for the following academic year.
  3. Term fee (four per year) for 2019: $1,010.00 per term per child - Class 1-8. $1,190.00 per term per child, Pod 9-13.

We do not give a family discount (ie having more than one child at MIS does not reduce the tuition fees). However, we do not take more than three children’s worth of security deposit. In other words if a family has four or more children at MIS, they only pay $3,000 (refundable) security deposit.

We do however, give an early tuition fee payment discount. Please enquire with our office.

The majority of our parents pay their Administration fee in the November before, and then pay per term throughout the yearEmailsd

Ministry of Education registration number (if you're interested) is SF: 8239.          Contact Us