Computing Skills vs. People Skills

In this modern age of computing, 'iPhones', 'Blackberries' and related internet technologies, it may seem to some absurd that we do not follow a strong curriculum that teaches computing skills. We are not 'anti-computer' – far from it. However, we believe that the computer and associated technologies is just a tool. One that is evolving so rapidly that by the time the children are approaching their time to leave school and enter the workforce, anything they would have learnt today – will be obsolete.

For this reason, we'd rather spend the precious time we have teaching our children other universal skills such as people skills: learning to listen and really 'hear' what the other person is saying; learning to empathise; learning to speak and write clearly and communicate their own messages properly.

We believe that these very skills will enable them to acquire the future 'information & communication technology' skills that are relevant to their future.

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