Sport as Strategy

Most schools think of 'PE' as 'sport' but we think PE should be for health and sport is for something different; namely strategic thinking. 

This is brand new for schools in Fiji. Actually we cannot find examples of this anywhere in the internet, so if there are schools doing this in the world, they are hard to find. 

The best way to explain this is to consider that sports are many times 'microcosms' of the real world. There are ever changing relationships, there is competition, there are goals to achieve, there are elements of 'luck' and there is raw skill that can be utlised well (or poorly). 

In other words just like real life!

Sporting arenas though are far more manageable and easy to identify what the aims and goals are, with appropriate strategies to get there. This means that a sporting arena can actually serve as a learning opportunity for children to figure out relationships and strategies. This is essentially what we use sporting activities for.

For the most part we tend to use team sports with passing activities (balls or frisbees). Children learn to 'seek a space' to pass into; or they learn to signal to their team members without the other side knowing; or they learn to pass into a space where their team members will be (not where they are right now). We then spend time learning how to transfer these skills into our everyday life.


At the end of the Ultimate Frisbee session, Pods 7&8 cool down having run around learning strategies. Fourth from the right is an ex-MIS student Zac who is currently in an Australian pilot school and who decided his idea of a holiday was to come back to MIS! We must be doing something right.

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