Annual Review

Every year, MIS holds an annual review. We do this at the end of Term 4. Term 4 itself is a 'revision' term. Our main teaching is in Terms 1-3 and then we bring all our teaching together in Term 4. 

The annual review helps us to have a goal to aim towards in some of our team building and 'inter-personal' intelligence skills. We focus on artistic performance but particularly we strive for excellence in performance. The children might be doing simpler actions but they are doing them 'excellently'. We cannot guarantee their actual performance on the day in front of parents (adrenalin normally plays a part) but if they cannot demonstrate their excellence before the production team – they don't make it to the Review. 

We feel that there is not enough demonstrable 'high stakes' goals in education and this is one area that the children are very engaged in, and get to receive instruction at a very high level of expectation and skill.

Here is a short overview of our Review in 2011.

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